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The first series of Love Island, a British television programme, began airing on June 7, 2015 on ITV2. The series concluded on July 15, 2015. The series was filmed in Mallorca, Spain.

The series aired every night of the week except Friday, however the Saturday episode was used as a weekly catch-up entitled Love Island: The Weekly Hot List rather than a nightly highlights episode.


The first one-minute trailer for the series aired on May 12, 2015, confirming that the series would begin in June. Pictures of the villa were unveiled on June 5, 2015. The villa is located in Mallorca with 69 cameras watching the Islander's every move. It only includes double beds forcing them to share with each other, but has a special Hideaway bedroom for couples to spend the night away from the others.


The Islanders for the first series were revealed on June 2, 2015, just days before the launch. However, throughout the series, more Islanders entered the villa to find love. Some Islanders were dumped from the island for either failing to couple up, some were voted off by their fellow Islanders, and others for receiving the fewest votes in public eliminations. The series was won by Jess Hayes and Max Morley on July 15, 2015 after receiving 42% of the final vote, beating Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark who received 36%, Lauren Richardson and Josh Ritchie with 12%, and finally Cally Jane Beech and Luis Morrison who just received 10%.

Name Age Hometown Entered Status
Jess Hayes 22 Oxford Day 1 Winner (Day 41)
Max Morley 22 Huddersfield Day 14 Winner (Day 41)
Hannah Elizabeth 25 Liverpool Day 1 2nd Place (Day 41)
Jon Clark 25 Essex Day 1 2nd Place (Day 41)
Lauren Richardson 26 East London Day 1 3rd Place (Day 41)
Josh Ritchie 20 Bolton Day 1 3rd Place (Day 41)
Cally Jane Beech 23 Hull Day 21 4th Place (Day 41)
Luis Morrison 20 London Day 1 4th Place (Day 41)
Zoe Basia Brown 24 South London Day 1 Dumped (Day 35)
Jordan Ring 31 Gloucester Day 1 Dumped (Day 35)
Poppy Farnan 22 Cheshire Day 32 Dumped (Day 33)
Ben Porter 24 Wakefield Day 32 Dumped (Day 33)
Naomi Ball 23 East London Day 7 Dumped (Day 28)
Travis Almond 22 Essex Day 21 Dumped (Day 28)
Bethany Rogers 19 Leeds Day 14 Dumped (Day 21)
Omar Sultani 22 Warwickshire Day 1 Dumped (Day 21)
Daisy Muller 24 Birmingham Day 7 Dumped (Day 19)
Chris Williamson 27 Newcastle Day 1 Dumped (Day 19)
Danielle Pyne 23 London Day 1 Dumped (Day 14)
Chris Baxter 20 London Day 11 Dumped (Day 14)
Rachel Christie 26 London Day 1 Dumped (Day 11)
John Alberti 29 Manchester Day 3 Dumped (Day 6)
Tony Alberti 29 Manchester Day 3 Dumped (Day 6)


Islander Day 1 Day 6 Day 11 Day 33 Final
Jess Jordan Josh Omar Max Winner
Max Not in Villa Jess Winner
Hannah Jon Jon Jon Jon 2nd Place
Jon Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah 2nd Place
Josh Lauren Jess Naomi Lauren 3rd Place
Lauren Josh Chris W Luis Josh 3rd Place
Cally Not in Villa Luis 4th Place
Luis Zoe Danielle Lauren Cally 4th Place
Jordan Jess Zoe Daisy Zoe Dumped (Day 35)
Zoe Luis Jordan Chris W Jordan Dumped (Day 35)
Ben Not in Villa Dumped (Day 33)
Poppy Not in Villa Dumped (Day 33)
Naomi Not in Villa Josh Dumped (Day 28)
Travis Not in Villa Dumped (Day 28)
Omar Rachel Rachel Jess Dumped (Day 21)
Bethany Dumped (Day 21)
Daisy Jordan Dumped (Day 19)
Chris W Danielle Lauren Zoe Dumped (Day 19)
Chris B Not in Villa Danielle Dumped (Day 14)
Danielle Chris W Luis Chris B Dumped (Day 14)
Rachel Omar Omar Dumped (Day 11)
John Not in Villa Dumped (Day 6)
Tony Not in Villa Dumped (Day 6)


During the series a number of guests entered the villa.

On June 25, 2015 it was announced that Calum Best would be returning to the series. On Day 24, he briefly entered to take the boys on a night out in Magaluf. This was Calum's third appearance on the show having previously appeared on the original series in 2005 where he finished in third place. He later returned for 2006 series where he was voted the winner alongside Bianca Gascoigne.

On July 12, 2015, it was announced that Mark Wright would be briefly entering the villa. He entered on Day 38 to become the DJ for Lauren's birthday party, he departed shortly after the party.

Weekly Summary

Week 1 Entrances
  • On Day 1, Chris W, Danielle, Hannah, Jess, Jon, Jordan, Josh, Lauren, Luis, Omar, Rachel and Zoe entered the villa.
  • On Day 3, John and Tony entered the villa.
  • On Day 7, Daisy and Naomi entered the villa.
  • On Day 1, the Islanders coupled up for the first time. After all of the boys entered, the girls were asked to choose a boy to pair up with. Jon was paired with Hannah, Chris was paired with Danielle, Omar and Rachel paired up, Josh and Lauren coupled up, whilst Jess paired herself with Jordan and Luis got with Zoe.
  • On Day 2, after Jess and Jordan won a challenge they were given the opportunity to swap two couples. Jess decided to couple up with Josh, leaving Jordan in a new couple with Lauren.
  • On Day 6, the Islanders were told that they had to re-couple. Hannah and Jon, Omar and Rachel, and Jess and Josh remained with each other, whilst Jordan coupled with Zoe, Luis paired with Danielle, and Chris W chose Lauren. As John and Tony remained single, they were dumped from the island.
  • On Day 2, Rachel and Omar hosted "Getting Intimate", where members of each couple stood at opposite ends of the pool and were asked questions about their partner. Every correct answer moved them a step towards their partner. The winning couple was the pair that met in the middle first. This was Jordan and Jess.
  • On Day 3, the girls took part in "The Perfect Man" where they had to choose the best abs, guns, legs, face and heart from cutouts of the boys.
  • On Day 5, the boys competed in the "Mega LADS Championship" where they took part in a number of LAD related tasks. The girls then decided that Luis was the overall winner.
  • On Day 3, Hannah and Jon left the villa to go on a date.
  • On Day 3, shortly after entering, John and Tony each chose a girl they'd like to date in the Hideaway. John chose Jess, and Tony chose Danielle. At the end of the date, each girl was given the option to stay the night. They both declined and returned to the villa.
  • On Day 4, Zoe and Rachel both dated their partners; Luis and Omar, and then dated John and Tony. After the dates the girls were given the option of who the spend the night with. They chose John and Tony respectively.
  • On Day 6, John and Tony were eliminated after failing to couple up.
Week 2 Entrances
  • On Day 11, Chris B entered the villa.
  • On Day 14, Bethany and Max entered the villa.
  • On Day 8, the Islanders were told that they were all single, but new girls Daisy and Naomi would get the chance to couple up with a boy of their choice after going on three dates. Daisy chose Jordan, and Naomi chose Josh respectively.
  • On Day 11, the Islanders were asked to couple up again, apart from Naomi and Josh, and Daisy and Jordan who were already coupled up. Newest Islander Chris B got first pick and chose Danielle, whilst Omar chose Jess, Luis paired with Lauren, and Chris W coupled with Zoe. Hannah and Jon also remained a couple. After failing to couple up with anybody, Rachel was dumped from the island.
  • On Day 11, to decide the re-coupling order, the boys took part in "Heart Makers" where they had to solve an equation to unlock a chest, then complete a puzzle that was inside.
  • On Day 13, the couples had to transfer cocktails from one large fishbowl to another small fishbowl using only their mouths. Jon and Hannah won the challenge and were rewarded with messaged from home.
  • On Day 8, as the new girls, Daisy and Naomi dated three boys each before being asked to couple with one of them. Daisy dated Chris W, Jordan and Omar before coupling with Jordan, whilst Naomi dated Chris W, Josh and Luis before coupling with Josh.
  • On Day 11, Jon and Hannah spent the night in the Hideaway.
  • On Day 12, Chris W and Zoe left the villa to go on a date.
  • On Day 11, Rachel was eliminated after failing to couple up.
  • On Day 14, Chris B and Danielle were eliminated after being chosen by Power Couple Hannah and Jon.
Week 3 Entrances
  • On Day 21, Cally and Travis entered the villa, as chosen by the Islanders on Day 20.
  • On Day 15, the Islanders were told that once again they were all single, unless they wanted to announce that they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. The only couples to do this were Hannah and Jon, and Naomi and Josh.
  • On Day 15, the Islanders took part in a game of "Truth or Dare".
  • On Day 16, the Islanders took part in "Kissing Contest" where the girls had to individually kiss each of the boys and then rate them. Jordan won the contest.
  • On Day 17, Jon and Hannah competed against Naomi and Josh in the "Compatibility Test".
  • On Day 19, the Islanders took part in "Love is Blind" where the boys had to instruct the girls round an obstacle course whilst they were blindfolded. Luis and Lauren won this challenge and were rewarded with a phone call from home.
  • On Day 20, the girls took part in a video call with three potential new boys and had to choose one of them to become and new Islander. They chose Travis. Following this, the boys took part in a video call with another three potential new girls, then chose Cally to enter the villa. These then entered on Day 21.
  • On Day 16, after winning the kissing challenge, Jordan was rewarded with a date with the girl of his choice. He chose with Zoe.
  • On Day 16, as new Islanders, Bethany and Max were given the opportunity to go on a date with a fellow Islander. Bethany chose to date Luis, whilst Max chose Zoe.
  • On Day 18, Hannah and Jon left the villa to go on a shopping date.
  • On Day 19, the girls were asked to vote for the male Islander they wanted to eliminate, and the boys were asked to vote for the female Islander they wanted to dump. They chose Chris W and Daisy.
  • On Day 21, Bethany and Omar were dumped from the island after receiving the fewest votes to stay in the villa from the public.
Week 4 Challenges
  • On Day 24, Lauren hosted "In Hot Water" as the Islanders had to work out who said what about each other.
  • On Day 24, Calum Best entered the villa to take the boys on a night out in Magaluf whilst the girls had strippers to entertain them back at the villa.[35]
  • On Day 25, the girls were shown footage from the boys night out in Magaluf and had to guess what happened next, whilst the boys had to do the same with videos from the girl's night in with the strippers.
  • On Day 26, the Islanders took part in "Take a Selfie" where they had to guess what the public thought of them by working out who is the most and least from each category. To lock in their answer they had to take a selfie with that chosen filter.
  • On Day 27, the couples took part in a general knowledge quiz called "Pied Off" where each incorrect answer meant a pie to the face.
  • On Day 22, as new Islanders, Cally and Travis were given the opportunity to go on a date with a fellow Islander. Cally chose to date Luis, whilst Travis chose Lauren.
  • On Day 26, Lauren and Josh, and Jess and Travis left the villa to go on a double date.
  • On Day 28, Naomi and Travis were eliminated after receiving the fewest public votes.
Week 5 Entrances
  • On Day 32, Ben and Poppy entered the villa after being chosen by the Islanders. They were instantly given a secret mission to couple up with somebody at the next re-coupling or they would be eliminated.
  • On Day 33, the Islanders coupled up for the final time. Hannah and Jon remained together, whilst Jordan coupled up with Zoe for the second time. Max paired with Jess, Luis went with Cally and Josh with Lauren. After failing to couple up, Ben and Poppy failed their secret mission and were dumped from the island.
  • On Day 29, Cally and Luis hosted a White Party in the villa.
  • On Day 30, Max and Josh cooked dinner for five potential new Islanders, including Jordan's ex-girlfriend.
  • On Day 32, the Islanders were asked to collect a number of items to build a "relation ship". The winners were the couple who made their boat float.
  • On Day 33, the couples took part in "Bucking Hell" and had to compete to stay on a Mechanical bull whilst hitting a number of targets.
  • On Day 34, the boys got a lie detector test with the girls asking the questions.
  • On Day 31, Lauren and Jess speed dated five potential new Islanders, including John and Tony who returned hoping for another chance. Omar also returned to be the waiter for the dates.
  • On Day 32, as new Islanders, Ben and Poppy were given the opportunity to go on a date with a fellow Islander. Ben chose to date Lauren, whilst Poppy chose Josh.
  • On Day 33, Jess and Max left the villa to go on a horse riding date.
  • On Day 35, Jon was given a warning for pulling the sheets off Luis and Cally's bed exposing them.
  • On Day 33, Ben and Poppy were eliminated after failing their secret mission.
  • On Day 35, Jordan and Zoe were eliminated after receiving the most public votes to dump.
Week 6 Entrances
  • On Day 37, the Islander's friends and family briefly entered the villa.
  • On Day 36, the remaining couples were told they'd go head-to-head against each other in a number of challenges to win a special prize.
  • On Day 37, the Islanders were told there are 4 keys and 4 hearts hidden in the villa for them to find. The girl's heart must match the boy's lock, and it would then decide the teams for the next challenge where they had to mark body parts with paint based on the Latin word for them.
  • On Day 38, the couples had their parenting skills tested by looking after dolls. Any couple who failed the challenge would not be invited to Lauren's birthday party. Mark Wright entered the host the party.
  • On Day 40, the girls left the villa to go wedding dress shopping, whilst the boys stayed in to write vows. The couples then hosted their own ceremony.
  • On Day 41, winners Max and Jess were asked if they were in their couple for "Love" or "Money". If both chose Love they would share the £50,000 prize, however if both chose Money they would receive nothing. If one chose Love and the other chose Money then Love would receive nothing but Money would receive the whole £50,000. The pair both chose Love and ultimately earned £25,000 each.
  • On Day 41, Luis and Cally left the villa in fourth place, whilst Lauren and Josh finished third. Max and Jess were then voted the winners, leaving Hannah and Jon as runners-up.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Sunday 0.64 0.43 0.54 0.55 0.60 0.67
Monday 0.49 0.46 0.55 0.62 0.75 0.61
Tuesday 0.38 0.47 0.56 0.70 0.59 0.60
Wednesday 0.39 0.49 0.54 0.62 0.61 0.91
Thursday 0.41 0.40 0.56 0.56 0.74 N/A
Weekly Average 0.46 0.45 0.55 0.61 0.66 0.70
Running Average 0.46 0.46 0.49 0.52 0.55 0.57
Series Average 0.57